Oct 19

That’s it. If you’ve got a twitter, please tweet AdamHorowitzLA and ask why the Rumbelle scenes are being deleted, but KINDLY.


If we are kind, he will have no reason to be irked or snarky towards us. I say we barrage him so he HAS to see that we’re dissatisfied, but being polite will just up our chances of him reacting in a good way.


Oct 19


Watching this episode like

Oct 19
  • Belle: We're fighting the addiction together, but the first 24 hours without magic will be spent in the cellar with a chair and a television playing Beauty and the Beast. Over and over.
  • Belle: There's a bucket in the corner for your business.
  • Belle: And a cute plushie of Beast that Henry lent over.
  • Belle: Also you have to memorize 'be our guest.'
  • Belle: Because it's important to recovery. No other reason.
Oct 17



Said in a new interview that “rumple is a selfish guy and doesn’t have time for anyone else” in regards to possibly giving Belle the real dagger.

Oct 17


So I was watching this show about the weirdest real 911 calls, and one of them was a woman calling because she was concerned her husband was practicing black magic. Being the geek that I am, my first thought was something like this:

*police station phone rings*

"Sheriff Swan, can I help you?"

"Umm, yeah, I think my husband is practicing dark magic in the back yard again."

"Dang it, Belle, you’ve got to stop calling 911 every time Rumple has a setback!"


Oct 17

"Yeah, she makes friends with Belle. She goes on quite an adventure with Belle. We did a lot of hiking in heels that day." Elizabeth Lail. (x)

Oct 16

OUAT Seasons 1-4 A (brief) recap. →


S1 - Curse. Memory loss. Regina gloats. Emma arrives. Rumple does something stupid. Archie says something profound. Charmings figure out something really obvious. Skin Deep. RUMBELLE!!!! True loves kiss. MAGGGICCCC.

S2 - Curse. Reunion. Rumple does something stupid. Memory loss. Regina gloats….

Oct 16

Honestly, guys, the hate needs to stop.


Honestly, guys, the hate needs to stop.

Oct 15 →


Rumple’s Schedule for Shadiness

What cracks me up about the Rumple/Snow Queen night scene is that Rumple is now a married man, which means he has to PLAN these little midnight jaunts.

How would that go?

Better write this down

  1. Cook Belle a gourmet meal with lots of carbs and wine
Oct 15


…And that’s what happened.

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