Jul 24

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Jul 24

Basically what just happened

  • Rumbellers: Woe is me. We have no spoiler pics.
  • Emilie: I think I'll just drop this here Rumbelle picture on Instagram.
  • *posts picture*
  • Rumbellers: *ground rumbles* YEEEAAAAAAAHHHH WE'RE BACK.
Jul 24

Finally! 😃


Finally! 😃

Jun 24


Rebecca Mader and Emilie de Ravin - Fairy Tales II Convention [x]

Jun 24


I wanna grow old with you.
Jun 21

Belle and Rumple should NOT split up! →


I’ve been seeing a lot of fans say that Belle should break up with Rumple because she would basically be a fool not to after that betrayal.

They’re saying what?!

Speaking as someone who has been in one long relationship her entire life and has never broken up, I personally think is…

Jun 21

Xievents Fairytales convention Q&A answers: Day One →


All of this comes from those liveblogging on twitter & tumblr, so thanks to those fans!

Emilie de Ravin:

  • Belle is so kind and nice, she wants to show Rumple he is worth it
  • It was cool to play Lacey and then remember Rumple bringing all of those elements together.
  • Actors have to stick…
Jun 15
Jun 13
Jun 13

And since they're at it →


BELLE: You proposed to me with a fake dagger?!

RUMPLE: …kinda.

BELLE: Oh, that is just FANTASTIC!

RUMPLE: …sorry.

BELLE: Thank you so much! That doesn’t ruin the moment AT ALL!! How about you spoil all our other moments, since we’re at it! Is my wedding ring a fake too?

RUMPLE: …no.